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The Catholic Church teaches that marriages can never be dissolved, and in order to have a second church-approved wedding you have to get a church court to nullify your first marriage, or say it wasn’t fully legitimate to begin with. Catholics have gone through a divorce, and polls show half disagree that getting remarried civilly without an annulment is a sin (35 percent think it is).Catholics who don’t receive an annulment cannot receive Communion. Several theologians Monday predicted that the changes coming Tuesday would be tweaks that Francis sees as less controversial – including possibly making annulments free of cost or ending a church law change from the 1980’s that requires officials from two dioceses to approve an annulment.They mark a dramatic shift from the position of Francis’ predecessors in the Vatican, who have taken the view that making annulments easier would be to encourage divorce and soften the Church’s teaching that marriage is for life.Catholic doctrine does not recognise divorce, although the Church accommodates those who go through civil divorce on the grounds that a couple who part must settle on who will bring up their children and how their property should be divided.“Certainly Pope John Paul and Benedict wanted to tighten the way people got annulments.They thought it was too easy,” said Monsignor Kevin Irwin, a professor at the School of Theology and Religious Studies at Catholic University.The reform also allows the local bishop, in places where a three-judge tribunal isn't available, to be the judge himself or to delegate the handling of the cases to a single priest-judge with two assistants.That measure is aimed at providing Catholic couples with recourse to annulments in poorer parts of the world, or places where the Catholic Church doesn't have the resources or manpower to have fully functioning tribunals.

It urges caution before the rules on annulments are eased.

We may rarely hear the specifics from the pulpit, especially if we haven’t been through the process ourselves.

There are a few ways a person may be “divorced” but free to marry.

The person she was married to and then divorced may have since (after the divorce) passed away.

The woman would not be considered a widow, because they were not married at the time.

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I noticed some profiles are divorced yet they say they can marry in the church. Also, should I date a divorced woman if they are not seeking or they don’t have an annulment? Signed, Wondering Dear Michele, Why is such site as Catholic Singles allowing people who are currently separated to look for a dates? Dear Wondering and What’s Up, Many Catholics are just as confused about the Church’s teaching on marriage and divorce as non-Catholics.

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