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And my ' Build Automatically' is also turned on.

To create it again I clean my project and also Rebuild my project by clicking on Build Project. Yeah I know it is automatically generated when we build.

FEATURE_NO_TITLE); get Window()Flags(Window Manager.

Progress Bar; public class Main Activity extends Activity { Handler h1 = new Handler(); private Progress Bar m Progress; long ms,splash Time=7000; boolean splash Active = true; @Override protected void on Create(Bundle saved Instance State) { Create(saved Instance State); request Window Feature(Window.

That is, check not only for xml file name errors but also for errors in the xml code, for example an illegal attribute, a forgotten tag etc.

i have already tried importing R into my project using Import.android.

The dependencies didn't work and my R didn't get generated after that.

From one of the comments: "Doing I had this pop up when I linked against a library that required a different Android support API version than I'd installed.

I’ve just come across a rather irritating habit of the ADT toolset for Eclipse and thought I’d share it.

If you get a red line under “R” in a reference to a layout, string or id, (e.g.

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The error highlight was only visible inside the file, not the error log. One is a very simple textview and the other is a gridview.