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Madison and her friend decided to arrange a picnic, went out to the woods and settled down in a marvelous sunny glade surrounded with thick trees.

She was reading a newspaper enjoying mild warm air and everything went fine until he got drunk and began groping her and trying to lift her dress revealing her hips and panties.

This newfound freedom has led to an increase in amateur porn production with selfshot blowjob and hardcore videos popping up.

A long history of foreign occupation has led to wondrously unique beauty among the women, making them highly desirable.

Prostitution in Tunisia is illegal, but, as in many other countries, the laws that ban prostitution are ignored and there are many brothels, tolerated and regulated by the authorities.

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Two weeks ago, the 19-year-old woman posted topless portraits of herself on Facebook to protest oppression of women in Tunisia, the Arab nation where she lives.

Although the nudity offended some, it was the message that stirred up the bigger controversy.

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Tunisia lies immediately to the south of Italy and Malta.